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the chippewa tribe
Updated: 3/27/2019
the chippewa tribe
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  • The chippewa tribe depended on nature and worshipped the sun,moon,wind,thunder,and lightning.They believed in and feared witches,ghosts,and giants. Their religion was centered on spirits visiting them in dreams and giving the power. The tribe took time and listened to whatever dreams each one had.
  • The chippewa tribe had a variety of food. They farmed and hunted their food. Some of the animals they hunted were buffalos, beavers,foxes,bears,moose,and dear. They farmed or picked blueberries, potatoes, and rice. Dogs where their only domestic meals and they were served at their feasts 
  • Usually, the chippewa tribe wore what they hunted. For example they wore buckskin,breechcloth,and moccasins in many different colors.
  • Almost every tribe had a leader. The leader usually has to be old and wise enough to give advice and rules to the tribe. The chippewa tribes leader was called chief broken tooth or katawabeda (ka-ta-wa-be-da)
  • Their houses and teepees are made with what they find in the wild. For example, strings,sticks,and wood are all used to create the teepees and houses. they didnt only have houses and teepees. They also had wigwams, brush shelters,and chikees
  •  Men and women both had long hair. Men only braided it at peaceful times while woman had it braided at most times since thy cook and clean while the men hunt and fish and go to battles
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