The Pearl
Updated: 6/2/2020
The Pearl

Storyboard Text

  • Coyitoto is stung by the scorpion and we need money to take him to the doctor
  • Coyitoto father goes looking for the Pearl that will change his world and finds the biggest pearl in the sea
  • while they were sleeping someone tries to steal the pearl from them but he was stopped before stealing it
  • they kept running away and kino stayed protective of the pearl despite his wife's protest to throw it back to the sea and go back home. Kino was a killer now and thought that everyone is following him to steal the pearl and kill him.
  • there was crying coming from the cave and the villagers thought it was a wild animal so they started shooting at the cave and Coyotito died
  • They lost everything.. Coyotito was their whole life! Kino realized how over protective he was and how he did wrong. He threw the cursed pearl back to the sea and decided to go back home and live life in its simplicity