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the son
Updated: 4/18/2020
the son
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  • R.I.P
  • Shall i bring to you some food?
  • No, I don't want to eat
  • Can you help me?
  • No, help yourself
  • The boy attended his mother's funeral, he sat for many days by the hill of the dead.
  • what shall i do?
  • Bring him to his mother's house, bring him to a teacher not for only studying, but to be among his friends and his own world.
  • You're tormenting yourself, your son had grown up in the habits of rich peple, he couldn't suddenly be content with a life among strange and poverty.
  • Siddhartha welcomed his son at his place in vasudeva's hut, Siddhartha understood that his son didn't know him and he couldn't love him like a father slowly.
  • would you gather the brushwood please?
  • No, I won't do anything you want me to do, I'm not your servant.
  • The boy remained in a gloomy disposition, since he displayed a proud ans stubbornly heart, he didn't want to do any work or to pay his respect to the old men, and his father was so patient and didn't force him to do anything.
  • He is not child any more, he knows how to get around. He is doing what you've failed to do yourself, let him!
  • I must follow my son, we will build a raft to get over the water, come to help me.
  • Maybe you're right, but i will follow my son.
  • Vasudeva waited, watching and said nothing, but one day when siddhartha the younger had tormented his father very much, he took his friend and talked to him.
  • Siddhartha couldn't heed his friend advice, he become a childlike person, suffering for the sake of another person. One day he asked his son to help him, but his son didn't accept and shouted at him, then he ran away. and next morning he disappeared.
  • The son was disappeared with his father's boat to the city, his father followed him with vasudeva but when he was in the forest the realized that his son didn't want his father to follow him and his son isn't in danger, so they went back to home.
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