Graphic memoir bassel

Updated: 6/14/2020
Graphic memoir bassel

Storyboard Text

  • Coach: you guys can't be scared, you have to be confident and play the best you can and I'm sure you will defeat the other team.
  • Team Player1: I am really nervous to play against the opposing team because they are really strong players and are known to never loose.
  • Coach: Players, It's time to warm up. I want you to Run 3 laps to get your bodies moving
  • Coach: Don't give up!
  • 1st half: opposing team scored a goal 0-1
  • Opposing team player: GOAL!!!!!!
  • Karim from the red team got injured and the opposing team are happy because they think there going to win
  • Omar: Coach we have no chance the opposing team is going to win
  • Team Player5 : Nice shot Bassel
  • Coach: WELL DONE BASSEL !!!! we can do this.
  • Coach From Opposing team: How did they score ?!?!!!
  • Team Players: WE WON !!!! Yes Bassellll
  • Bassel scored another goal Last minute to defeat the other team
  • Coach from Opposing team: HOW DID WE LOOSE