The Odyssey
Updated: 5/12/2020
The Odyssey
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  • Odysseus holds a funeral for Elpenor. After he spends one last night with Circe, she gives him some advice on his journey.
  • Elpenor
  • Odysseus tells his men exactly what Circe told him. He then sets sail and his men make sure to plug his ears and tie him down as they pass the Sirens.
  • The men meet Scylla and he eats a man for every head he has (6). Odysseus stays near the cliffs and avoids the whirlpool, Charybdis.
  • They come to Thrinacia, the island of the sun. They rest there but they get stuck for a month and run out of food because of a storm.
  • When Odysseus falls asleep they eat the cattle against his orders. Zeus punishes Odysseus and his men.
  • Zeus creates another storm which ruins Odysseus's ship and kills his men. He is the only one who survives. He floats on timber and reaches Calypso's island.
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