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chumash project
Updated: 3/27/2020
chumash project
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  • 7
  • 7
  • 7
  • 7
  • That was a weird dream
  • Magicians and wise men come here at once
  • We are coming
  • My master, the interpretation of your dream is that you will have 7 daughters and then you will bury 7 daughters.
  • There were 7 healthy ears of grain and then came along 7 non healthy and skinny ears of grain. The 7 non healthy ears of grain ate the 7 healthy ears of grain
  • That is crazy. I do not think that is true.
  • Then, there we're 7 healthy and good looking cows and 7 non healthy and harsh looking cows. Then the 7 non healthy and harsh looking cows ate the 7 healthy and good looking cows. next, pharaoh woke up
  • My master, when I was in jail there was a young boy who interpreted my dreamhe might be able to interprate your dream
  • What are you waiting for get him here at once
  • Pharaoh woke up and he realized that these were dreams and he called his wise men and magicians to come.
  • Yosef the king has sent us here to get you and clean you up so that you can interpret the kings dream
  • Okay I will come.
  • Pharaoh's wise men and magicians told pharaoh that he will have 7 daughters and he will bury 7 daughters. Pharaoh thought that there interpretations was crazy and he did not believe them.
  • The butler told Pharaoh about Yosef and that he interpreted his dream when he was in jail. Pharaoh told the butler to go get Yosef.
  • pharaoh's guards went and got Yosef from jail and helped him wash up to interpret pharaoh's dream.
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