We're not afraid to die... if we can all be together

Updated: 6/29/2020
We're not afraid to die... if we can all be together

Storyboard Text

  • In the wake of the round the world Voyage completed by Captain James Cook 200 years ago, the family of four was ready to set to sail. Gordon Cook, Mary the wife, son Jonathan and daughter Suzanne.
  • Look everyone that's our boat - Wavewalker. Are you all ready ?
  • YESS ! Look its 23m with 30 ton of wooden hulled beauty.
  • I'm Herb Seigler
  • First leg of the journey was smooth as sailed from Africa to Cape Town and later to the Southern Indian Ocean.
  • Hi im Larry Vigil. we are here to help you to cross the roughest sea.
  • As the family enjoyed the New Years, they knew the worse it yet to come.the waves were gigantic and as the ship rose to the top of the wave, They slowed down the boat, dropped the storm jib, went through the life raft drill and waited.
  • We have to work together, Mary get the kids ready.
  • We have to be Prepared. The waves will only get worse. Be ready !
  • Wavewalker was sinking and Gordon's head got smashed into the wheel and he went flying sinking in the water
  • The first disaster came- Twice the height of the other waves and perfectly vertical came the wave and a tremendous explosion shook the deck
  • My left ribs are cracked I can feel it. I have a broken teeth and I can taste blood
  • We're sinking !!!
  • OMG !!! I'm going to die
  • They managed to stretch canvas and secure waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes. Though other problems arose such as electric pump short circuit, water level rising and Suzanne was badly injured.
  • Larry and Herb were pumping water out of the boat. Necessary repairs were being made to save the boat.
  • Take the wheel Mary !!
  • The decks are smashed. We're full of water