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Progressive Era
Updated: 10/8/2020
Progressive Era
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  • Labor movement brought violence and anger.
  • Higher wages!Shorter work hours!
  • Unions like the Knights of Labor failed to make change.
  • I lost my job!
  • Many people lost their jobs due to the amount of people coming into the US.
  • I can't understand you!
  • Immigrants faced problems such as language barriers, prejudice, and mistrust
  • While there was no direct resolve, over time, immigrants made adapted to change the best they could.
  • Many American women protested for equal voting rights and workplace equality.
  • Votes for women!!
  • By 1916 women received the right to vote through the 19th amendment.
  • Child labor needs to be stopped, we need public education, and women deserve the right to vote.
  • Many reform movements such as women's suffrage, child labor limits, prison reform, and abolition came to surface in the late 1800s.
  • Due to citizen protesting and anger, over time, solutions came to the public.
  • Prohibition started in 1920 and introduced many problems. It led to corruption of public officials and more gangsters doing illegal opperations
  • I think that alcohol should stay illegal.
  • I think that making it illegal causes more problems like speakeasies and smugglers.
  • Prohibition eventually ended in 1933 due to the 21st amendment.
  • Muckrakers were personal reporters who went on crusades to expose companies for harsh working environments.
  • Children are being worked to death in there with little to no pay!!
  • They exposed things such as prostitution, child labor, and corrupt political leaders.
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