Esperanza: The House on Mango Street
Updated: 5/18/2020
Esperanza: The House on Mango Street

Storyboard Text

  • She used to be such a great swimmer. But diseases have no eyes and it chose her.
  • I want to be like the waves on the sea,like the clouds in the wind,but I'm me. One day I'll jump out of my skin.
  • That's very good. Keep writing Esperanza. It will keep you free.
  • One day we imitated Aunt Lupe as we did for Famous People. We laughed as we walked with dangling arms and legs like the dead. We laughed at the way she talked and everything she did.
  • "We didn't know. She had been dying such a long time, we forgot."
  • "And then she died, my aunt who listened to my poems.And then we began to dream the dreams."