Insurgent-- Veronica Roth
Updated: 4/23/2020
Insurgent-- Veronica Roth
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  • Tris, the Protagonist in the story, just killed her friend Will and is mourning his death. He was possessed by Jeanine, who tricked him into delirium via a "simulation", forcing him to kill at Jeanine's will. This involves the trickster and shadow archetype because Jeanine is unreachable, the big villain, but is also tricking people into murdering others.
  • "Before I open my eyes, I watch him crumple to the pavement again. Dead. My doing." (Roth 1)
  • "Behind both of them is one of the Dauntless with Jeanine's body slung over his shoulder. He heaves it like a stone on a table in front of the rows of Erudite and Dauntless traitors...I stare up at her body, which seems so much smaller in death than it did in life. She is only a few inches taller than I am, her hair only a few shades darker." (Roth 488)
  • “We have arrived at the conclusion that we will establish our faction headquarters as a safe house for members of all factions,” she says, “under a set of conditions. The first is that no weaponry of any kind is allowed on the compound. The second is that if any serious conflict arises, whether verbal or physical, all involved parties will be asked to leave" (Roth 39)
  • The heroes battle the impossible shadow of the simulation , they are underdogs, resting in Candor's neutral facilities: knowing what lies ahead is difficult.
  • Insurgent- Veronica Roth
  • "This is the last moment I will be able to turn back...But I can’t walk away, or the guilt, the weight of Will’s life, and my parents’ lives, and now Marlene’s life, will break my bones, will make itimpossible to breathe.I slowly walk toward the building and push open the doors" (Roth 318)
  • The underdog/ hero Tris is on her way to sacrifice her life so the shadow doesn't continue to consume the innocent.
  • Other characters feel that Tris fulfills the the shape shifter archetype, but Tris' intentions were more of concerns for the simulation data still being used against the factionless and the divergent.
  • "A moment later, the glass door opens again. Tobias and Uriah storm in as if to fight a battle—Uriah coughing, probably from the poison—but the battle is done. Jeanine is dead, Tori is triumphant, and I am a Dauntless traitor." (Roth 485)
  • No! She has all the answers we need!
  • Jeanine has been killed, but we realize the shadow is larger than her, as her simulation has convinced Erudite to side with her. This demonstration of her limp, powerless body convinces the Erudite's passion for her to die, along with the shadow.
  • As we can see from examining characters/scenes in Insurgent, Veronica Roth incorporates the trickster, underdog, shadow, and innocent archetypes into insurgent consistently: as well as many others.
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