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Updated: 3/27/2019
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  • Patty
  • patty is still on bed
  • Mado
  • After Mado came back from school...
  • -Do you want me to call the Doctor ? -Good
  • -No -How did your exams go ?
  • She likes to linger . The door of her room is ajar and she is a sleep curled up under her comforter .She seems calm.
  • Then...
  • Mado spend the rest of the day concentrating on History, Geography , and Math tests .
  • Mado is shocked !
  • When Mado came back from school , she opend the door, she saw Patty was wishful thinking . Patty was streched on the couch, not moving , her eyes swollen ,she did't go to work .She's not wearing any makeup .She's clearly been crying.
  • The End...
  • -What bums me out is that i wanted to have my belly button pierced ''I guess i'll have to wait untill i shrink back to normal
  • Patty brushes back a lock oh hair, sniffs, and catches her breath and she said i did go to Amestrdam then Patty Said I'm pregnant . Mado couldn't beleive and she was suspended in a void for few seconds. -Patty said it's too late for abrtion, and i dicied to keep the baby
  • -Of course
  • Sure 
  • -I lied to you Mado ,i'm sorry - i Didn't want to tell you before you take your exams , but i need to talk with someone . someone is family
  • Mado has relized that nothing can be done to change the course of events . In the way, the baby is already here ,even if it isn't visible.
  • -I don't know i haven't decied yet -Mom was twenty-two when she had me !
  • What you are going to do with it after it's born ? you are too young
  • My sister announces that she's pregnant but the only thing that she can think about is that she can't decorate her belly button ?
  • -Mado said''The truth is this new life will arrive soon after our sorrow . -September not even a year after the accident ,is much too early . -Mado said'THis only confirms that Patty has a withered brain !
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