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Antigone storyboard
Updated: 2/15/2019
Antigone storyboard
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  • The beginning of the story "antigone" starts off with two sisters talking of their brothers death. Antigone is upset that one out of two of her brothers will be buried with military honors but the other will be thrown out to rot. So, Antigone wants to bury her brother but her sister if fearful and is against it. 
  • "That must be your excuse, I suppose. But as for me, I will bury the brother I love."
  • "Antigone, I am afraid for you!"
  • Creon, the new ruler has specific rules and loyalty expectations that apply to citizens and his own family. He expects his family to always be loyal above all others.
  • Creon... he has no awareness of his pride and that he is not the law.
  • "I am aware, of course, that no ruler can expect complete loyalty from his subjects until he has been tested in office."
  • Creon only cares about loyalty and the fact Antigone broke the law angers him and fills him with rage. He can't get over his ego and see that what Antigone has done isn't something to punish with death.
  • "Creon, what more do you want than my death? nothing."
  • "She or I, if this crime goes unpunished? Sister's child, or more that sister's child, Or closer in blood-She and her sister win bitter death for this!"
  • Creon's love for loyalty and his family clouds his mind and doesn't allow him to see what he is doing is wrong and will affect his relationships with his son and his family."
  • "So? Your "concern"! In a public brawl with your father!"
  • How about you? In a public brawl with justice?"
  • "There is happiness where there is wisdom; No wisdom but in submission to the gods. Big words are always punished, And proud men in old age learn to be wise."
  • Creon's laws and his stubberness for his ability to forget about loyalty with family has caused him to throw his family away and now he has to deal with the consequences.
  • "I have killed my son and my wife. I look for comfort; my comfort lies here dead."
  • Antigone loves ismene but her decision to go against her and say that she is unwise broke her trust in ismene and loyalty. Ismene thinks Antigone is unwise but she knows that Antigone is a good person and has support from someone out there.
  • "Go away, Ismene: I shall be hating you soon, and the dead will to, For your words are hateful."
  • "Go then, if you feel that you must. you are unwise, But a loyal friend to those who love you."
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