Updated: 6/30/2020
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  • Do you think you could explain to me exactly what you mean? I don't understand.
  • No brain activity on the EEG would unfortunately indicate that he is brain dead.
  • This can’t be happening. We are so young and we have never prepared for anything like this. What am I supposed to do now?
  • You can choose to keep him on life support, which would continue breathing for him, or you can choose to remove him from life support, which would allow his heart to stop and let him pass peacefully.
  • I never thought I would have to make this decision. We are so young. I can’t imagine my life without him, but I know this is not the life he would want. I think we have to respect his wishes and let him go.
  • Ruby, we knew how much you loved him. But, we are not ready to give up on our son. He is a fighter and if there is a chance he can make it, we should give it to him.
  • Nurse: Kyle Davis, age 35, involved in a car accident received blunt trauma to the head and neck. Sustained multiple contusions, lacerations and crushed C5-6 resulting in paralysis from the neck down. EEG test confirmed no brain activity. Patient is currently stable.Doctor: The damage to his spinal cord has resulted in full paralysis from the neck down. As a quadraplegic, he will likely not be able to walk, breathe, or eat on his own for the rest of his life
  • Thank you for letting me know, I do value their feelings and opinion about this, and really hope we can decide together.
  • Ruby, you do have rights to his medical decisions as his spouse. I just wanted you to know your rights as his wife before making any big choices.
  • Nurse: Ma’am, I know how hard this decision may be, is there anyone we can call for you?Ruby: Thank you, I am going to call his parents - it would probably be best coming from me.
  • We do offer mediation services that can assist families in scenarios like these, would this be something you would like to use?
  • That would be great, and the best option for both of us.
  • Yes please!
  • Ruby: I understand how difficult it is to let go, but he has made it clear to me in our conversations that he would not want to live needing full time care for the rest of his life.Mother: What is the likelihood of him pulling through this, and what quality of life would he have?
  • Patient presents with no EEG activity for over 8 days. Vital organs are showing signs of failure and the patient is currently remaining on life support.
  • Davis family, unfortunately the time has come that we have prepared for. Kyle is still showing no signs of brain activity, and recovery at this point is very unlikely. I would like to give you a chance to say your goodbyes to him.
  • The patient's parents are taking the time to grieve over their sons tragic incident. and possibly the most difficult decision that ever has to be made.
  • Mediator walks into the room with family.Mediation results in an agreement between Ruby and the Davis’s in which EEG results will be evaluated one week for any signs of progress. If no progress is seen, they have agreed to remove Kyle off of life support.
  • Ruby: I’m so sorry that it came to this. I love you both and I know Kyle will always be with us.Parents: Ruby, you will always be a daughter to us and we love you as much as our son did.
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