Nerve Storyboard Kapitel 20
Updated: 1/20/2021
Nerve Storyboard Kapitel 20

Storyboard Text

  • waiting for decision
  • unsurehide gun
  • Which door?
  • Why didn´t you help????
  • We were here!Are you already done?
  • Want to go to the exit
  • Hey, those are NERVE players!
  • NERVE is realdo not play it anymore
  • about to leave
  • realizing that her gun and NERVE investor´s license are gone
  • we need to talk to the manager
  • how do you afford private school?
  • sorry you did not win freedom
  • can i trust Ian??
  • by financial aid and pizza delivery
  • NERVE would not let me be free anyway
  • sydney is at home
  • Is it his dare to be sweet??
  • no, thanks call me later
  • kiss
  • let me follow you home