The Not So Beautiful Day
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Not So Beautiful Day

Storyboard Text

  • Today is going to be a great day! Finally, some nice weather so I can play outside!
  • Hey, sis! It's a beautiful day. Let's go play basketball outside!
  • Maybe later, I am going to play Fortnite right now.
  • Hey, mom! Let's go outside and play some basketball!
  • Oh, I can't today. I have so many chores to do. Can you help me with the laundry?
  • No way! It's not fair, no one ever wants to play with me!
  • I will never get to play outside. Today is ruined!
  • Hey, Mr. Positive! Time to turn this ship around, we have a friend in PA that needs our help!
  • You got it, Mrs. Calm! Let's go!