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Thing for Brit Lit
Updated: 9/23/2019
Thing for Brit Lit
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  • MIRACULOUS BIRTH Julio is born a Mexican Prince. Don Diego takes over the government and Julio must be snuck out.
  • CHILDHOOD AND DIVINE SIGNS While hiding out because Don Diego is hunting his family, Julio discovers he glows when concentrating and can alter objects.
  • PREPARATION AND REFUSAL Abuelo teaches him to harness his powers.
  • TRIAL AND QUEST Julio's dad gets kidnapped by Don Diego. Julio must go to the castle and battle Don Diego to rescue his father.
  • DEATH AND SCAPEGOAT Julio beat Don Diego in the battle, leaving him wounded, and went to go get his dad. Only to find that he had already been eaten by sewer rats. Julio feels immense guilt and sadness. He returns home to mourn.
  • DESCENT TO UNDERWORLD Julio returns to the castle to avenge his dad and thwart Don Diego's plans. He must sacrifice himself by staying in the self destructing castle to prevent Don Diego from escaping.
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