Updated: 12/7/2018
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  • This is it. Years of hard work. The labor's worth is only measured on a final test. God knows how far the Germans have gotten...
  • Robert Oppenheimer had spent the last few years building the atomic bomb in Los Alamos. He was the project director, given the rank by military general Leslie Groves. He strived to keep the project secret, while at the same time dealing with the stress the went along with it.
  • My weight has gone down, even though I am already way too underweight! This project is taking a toll on me...
  • The project site was held in Los Alamos, near Santa Fe. Top physicists across the country worked there in complete secrecy. Even Americans, especially known communists, were kept in the dark about the project. Citizens of Santa Fe even started rumors about the military project.
  • I'm positive! They must be making submarines!
  • Perhaps a death ray?
  • Finally, the day to test the atomic bomb came.
  • Faster, please. I can't bear to miss this historical event. Oppenheimer better be right about this...
  • Yes sir, General Groves.
  • After years of trial and error during the bomb's development, the test of the atomic bomb had been successful. Scientists were elated. The labor had payed off...
  • I... I did it!
  • I always knew I picked the right director. The war's outcome will be in our favor. And that light coming from the bomb is the brightest light I've ever seen!
  • ...But the secret was no more.
  • Philip Obazuaye
  • An atomic bomb!? What have they done?
  • Check the paper! 'Atomic Bomb Demolishes Hiroshima; Oppenheimer, Father of the Atomic Bomb'
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