the first unification of india
Updated: 3/8/2021
the first unification of india

Storyboard Text

  • The Mauryas Unify India
  • well this place needs some work!
  • get them!!!
  • Ashoka's Rule
  • no war, don't be gready. These are just someof the rules of Buddhism
  • These are our 4 Buddhist Values... 1.Buddhist Values- Encourage Buddhas Values. 2. General Welfare- Promote the peoples well being. 3.- Justice- make sure all the laws were fair. 4. Security- to make sure the people we safe and to keep the invaders out
  • Ashoka's Edicts
  • these are the Edicts theta Ashoka put up to tell the people about the news.
  • King Chandragupta was a brutal and ruthless leader
  • After a very brutal battle King Ashoka converted to Buddhism and wanted to teach all about it.
  • Ashoka put up these Edicts to show the citazins about the news.