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Comic Strip of Parvana and Shauzia
Updated: 2/24/2020
Comic Strip of Parvana and Shauzia
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  • Ooh! How about...? I forgot to tell you I heard the teaboys talking about this graveyard...
  • No that won't work. How can we get more money?!
  • Aww come on! We are going to earn so much money! Enough to buy the tray and things to sell on them!
  • I don't know if we should go...Okay. I guess we'll go.
  • Hey look what I found a skull. I'll name him Mr. skull!
  • That was a long walk!Lets get digging!
  • Parvana and Shauzia went to find a way to earn more money. Then Shauzia heard the teaboys talking about this graveyard where they will dig up bones to earn more money.
  • I need to use the bathroom!
  • Parvana isn't sure if they should go,but Shauzia pursuades Parvana into going with her by telling her that they will earn lots of money,enough to buy the trays and things to sell on them.
  • We're finished! Lets take it to the bone broker!
  • Yeah! But lets fill up the blanket one more time!
  • The walk there was long,but when Parvana and Shauzia got there they started digging right away. They found a skull and named it Mr. Skull,and they found other skulls too.
  • Oh...You see...About that...
  • Where have you been!
  • Soon,Parvana and shauzia needed to use the bathroom.Parvana had three choices: wait to use it at home,use it outside and risk someone seeing her and finding out she's a girl,or go to the bathroom and risk being exploded by a land mine. Parvana decided to use the bathroom. Luckily,there were no land mines.
  • Once they filled up Parvana's blanket with bones,they took it to the bone broker who put it on a scale. He paid them and they did the same thing one more time before going home.
  • When Parvana got home she told her mom and her mom got mad. But Nooria said that if she earned lots of money it was worth it,so she let Parvana continue digging up bones.
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