Odysseas’ comic strip
Updated: 5/20/2020
Odysseas’ comic strip
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  • Please don’t send us to the Minotaur.
  • Here comes my lunch. Yum yum!
  • I wish he comes back with white sails.
  • Long ago, in Ancient Greece, there were two kingdoms of Athens and Crete, that were fighting all the time. The Athenians had killed King Minos’ son and for revenge King Minos demanded that seven girls and seven boys to be sacrificed to the monstrous Minotaur!
  • Zzzzz
  • Deep underground King Minos’ palace, there is a colossal Labyrinth where a terrifying monster lives called the Minotaur. It is a very savage monster, with a deathly roar and a powerful grip. It has a human’s body which helps him run fast and a bull’s head which helps him kill its prey.
  • That is enough fighting for one day
  • When it was time again to send seven boys and girls to be sacrificed, King Aegean’s son, Theseas, decided to go as one of the seven with a plan to kill the Minotaur. Before leaving, he promised his father that he will change his sails to white if he succeeded to kill the Minotaur.
  • DAD!
  • When the Athenians arrived, they were taken to prison. That night, when King Minos fell asleep, his beautiful daughter, Ariadne, decided to help Theseus by giving him a ball of string and a sword.
  • The next morning Theseus entered the Labyrinth, tied the string on the entrance door and started looking for the Minotaur. When he found the beast, there was a huge battle, but at the end Theseus won!
  • After Theseus killed the beast, he followed the string back to the entrance door. Ariadne opened the door and they quickly run to the port, got on their ship and sailed to Athens. In their rush, they forgot to change the sails to white... Upon arrival, his father saw the black sails and in his sadness jumped off the cliff.
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