The yasu mengi
Updated: 11/26/2020
The yasu mengi

Storyboard Description

(Yah- Suu Me-nn-G) WOOO

Storyboard Text

  • Woah a rare godly Yasu Mengi. I've gotta tell Mr Mimer.
  • Man everything has gone awry, I got lost and I am also deprived of water. Looks like I have to beguile the yasu mengi with plants so I can ride it.
  • Yes!. Water, I can't wait until I get to drink some but, the yasu mengi keeps increasing in size so i have to hurry to Mr. Mimer to decrease his size
  • Oh no. Mr Mimer is closed. Looks like the knights that I despise are guarding Mr. Mimer too.
  • Hey that yasu mengi is illegal in this city.
  • Ублюдок they They locked me in jail. At least they described What was going on and Prescribed The yasu mengi pills but, I also want to repeal this law but they declined.
  • 100 Years later.