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Updated: 10/10/2019
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  • l"Hi, My name is Bill Jefferson. Today, I will desribe to you eclipses. When the moon's shadow hits the Earth or Earth's shadow hits the moon, an eclipse has occured."
  • "There are two types of eclipses, a lunar and solar. In this slide, it shows the position that the Earth, sun, and moon would be in during a solar eclipse."
  • "This slide shows the umbra, the darkest part of the moon's shadow, and the penumbra, the larger less dark part of the moon's shadow. People in the umbra see the full solar eclipse much longer than the people in the penumbra."
  • "This slide shows the position the Earth, sun, and moon would have to be in for a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse will occur during a full moon ."
  • "For a full lunar eclipse to occur the moon must completely enter the umbra of the Earth's shadow."
  • Kaleigh Winkle "We made it to THE END." said Bill Jefferson.
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