splitting personality

Updated: 1/25/2019
splitting personality

Storyboard Text

  • This is mcguy and he is sad because no one will play with him
  • One day Mcguy is getting bullied and suddenly all of his cells divide and he uses this and makes a copy
  • The new split MCguy confronts the bully and he punches him
  • ow
  • Who is this guy
  • I am the split version of... MCGUY
  • Then MCguy beats up the bully and asks normal Mcguy if he wants to be his friend and starts developing
  • wanna be friends
  • Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Then they went outside and played football and his clone is fully developed and can start splitting
  • Dude we are literally the same person
  • Catch this loser
  • They then realized they need more players
  • We need more players
  • I got an idea, let's keep splitting to get more people