Biology 2

Updated: 2/10/2021
Biology 2

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  • So this class is happening through Zoom
  • Alrighty time for our lab so we have reviewed Osmosis lets put that to the test!
  • All you need is Six tiny cups for this since we will be mixing with the three types of Osmosis
  • Basically we determine solute and water and determine which one of the Osmosis it is
  • So for Beaker one we have 80% Water and 20% Solute in Beaker B is 90% Solute and 10% is Water leaving or entering?
  • Leaving which means this is Hypotonic
  • So for beaker 3 we have 50% Water and 50% Solute in beaker 4 has 50% Water and 50% Is it leaving or entering even equal?
  • It is Iso tonic as it is equal
  • In beaker 5 it is 30% Water and 70% Solute in beaker 6 it is 80% water and 20% Solute is it entering or leaving?
  • It is entering so it would be Hyper tonic