Romeo and Juliet

Updated: 5/19/2020
Romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Two equally respected families, living in lovely Verona, where our play is set, break out in renewed violence due to an old grudge. Two servants from the house of Capulet come face to face with two Montague servants. The fight then breaks out and the prince arrives.
  • Romeo?
  • After the fight and the Prince, Lord and Lady Capulet leave, Benvolio talks with Romeo. Romeo tells Benvolio about his troubles with Roseline.
  • After meeting with the Prince, Lord Capulet discusses with Paris about him marrying Juliet.
  • After successfully getting into the party Romeo meets the beautiful Juliet, but Tybalt notices Romeo.
  • After the party Romeo goes back to the Capulet mansion where he sees Juliet on the balcony. Juliet then notices Romeo and they talk.
  • They realise they are both from the different families. “The only man I love is my enemy” Juliet quotes.