The Daily Life of a Merchant
Updated: 1/28/2021
The Daily Life of a Merchant

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  • Hi, I'm Jake. I'm a merchant in New England. What I mostly trade is fish. It is winter right now and it is freezing! My life is hard but I get through it.
  • Thank you Jake, I was waiting all day for this!
  • First customer of the day.
  • Alright Ms. Angie, I have your fish. That will be 5 copper coins
  • You know thats my favorite, it's a deal. The copper will be ready in 5 minutes.
  • Hi Mr. Alfo, I came for a refill of copper. I have some fish meat to trade for it!
  • The things that annoy me as a merchant is that people say everything is overpriced, it's not. I'm just trying to live. Also it is very cold in the winter so I get less customers.
  • Merchants like me are treated very well. We rank below the priests on the social latter. The thing about this job is that it can be dangerous when traveling to trade with someone. Also you can lose everything if you trade with the wrong person.
  • Most people can vote and govern if they go to church. I'm not cut out for the job so.