Properties Project
Updated: 11/9/2018
Properties Project
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This is due Friday, I will still be here at that time so It has to be done! But I am leaving at 2:00!

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  • Ok so think about it, first to make the problem easier you have to break apart the 28 which would become 4x(20+8) Then you distribute the number outside the parenthesis which in this case is 4! Then you multiply 4 times 20= 80 and 4 times 8=32 then you add 80 and 32, and in all it equals 112!
  • Sure what's the problem like?
  • Hey mom, my teacher gave me this homework and I cant seem to figure it out can you help me? 
  • It goes like this " What is 4x28 in distributive form?"
  • Hey sir, can I have a blue comic for $4, a red comic for $3, and a pink comic for $4 please?
  • Well that's not the order I put it in!
  • That doesn't really matter ma'am ! It all will still end up as the same amount of money!
  • for example, 4 + (4 + 3) equals the same as 3 + (4+4)
  • Ok, so that was a red comic for $3, a pink comic for $4 and a blue comic for $4?
  • Yes, of course Paul, add 4 + 12 + 8 and then add 8 + 4 + 12 don't you get the same answer?
  • Then that's your answer Paul!
  • yeah of course, what do you need help with?
  • Hey Cia, I'm kind of having some trouble can you help me?
  • Ok, so lets say I have 4 blueberries, 12 strawberries, and 8 raspberries, and I have to add them. What happens if I switch it around will I still get the same answer?
  • yeah!
  • Hey bro, what is 1 x 4?
  • 4 right?
  • yep so 1 x 4= 4. Its also the same as 4 x 1!
  • Well think about it, if you have 4 slices of cake and you don't want to share it, and you keep it for yourself how many slices do you have?
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