A surprise rescue!
Updated: 2/19/2021
A surprise rescue!

Storyboard Text

  • - FireDepartment -
  • It was a sunny and warm day. I went to work to the Fire Department. I'm a firefighter. My name is Joe.
  • That day something funny happened.We received an unusual call....
  • -Hello! Is it a Fire station?
  • - A little boy is sitting at the top of the tree!
  • -Please, come here, quickly!
  • -Good morning! You're right!
  • -What happened?
  • please help myim scared
  • Don't worryI will help you!!!
  • I wanted to save a kitten
  • climb down!
  • what are you doing there?
  • thank you Joe I am happy that you helped my son
  • meow meow
  • i think you can be a good firefighter one day but you need to learn how to climb big trees.