Alyssa's Story Board Restart

Updated: 5/20/2020
Alyssa's Story Board Restart

Storyboard Text

  • Restart 
  • Storyboard by Alyssa Fulcher
  • By Gordon Korman 
  • What happened? I can't remember anything.
  • You have amnesia.
  • You fell off our roof.
  • No!!!! You are such a mean bully. I don't want you in the video club!!!!
  • It's that the is mean the bully, Chase.
  • What is he doing here?
  • Hi, I'm the teacher and of course you can join!
  • Hi I'm Chase! Can I join the video club?
  • Hi Mr. Soloway were doing a video and you are going to be the person we do it on.
  • Look at this box we found in you're closet!!!!!!
  • Oh, that's the box with my medal in it I got from the president.
  • Oh no!!!! It's missing!!!!!
  • I must have just lost in it the last couple of years.
  • We're not the ones who stole it, you are.
  • Wow, You really can't remember anything.
  • I know you stole Mr. Soloway's medal!!!!
  • Will everybody forgive me?
  • Will Chase return the medal?