French Revolution Part 1
Updated: 12/10/2018
French Revolution Part 1
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  • Why do we need Monarchies anyway
  • Yeah, and why does anyone get to pick our religion.
  • During The Old Regime the Nobles and Clergy lived with great power and great wealth. King Louis XVI kew very little about being king and knew even less about equality.
  • Clergy
  • Nobles
  • General Population
  • There was deep inequality during this time as majority of French citizens were given very little food and money.
  • The Age of Enlightenment was when people began to question things like religion and why countries needed Monarchies. In France it began when seven philosophers came together to discuss France's issues at that time. The person leading this movement was a man called Robespierre.
  • Yeah! We Should create our own nation!
  • We must rise up against the inequality, we must abandon this old way of thinking!
  • King Louis XVI did see that his country was in a financial crisis and called a Meeting of the Estates General. This meeting would feature many representatives from the Clergy, Nobles, and the general population of France. Each had the same amount of votes, one, despite the difference in how many people were being represented.
  • The Clergy and The Nobles locked the General Population out of the Meeting of The Estates General. Which sent the General Population's representatives to the tennis courts at Versailles.
  • While at the tennis courts the representatives of the General Population discussed the inequality that they were facing and ultimately decided to make their own nation, called The National Assembly. This event is commonly referred to as the Tennis Court Oath.
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