Roanoke story board
Updated: 2/10/2020
Roanoke story board

Storyboard Text

  • Reason for settlement
  • The hardships for Roanoke
  • The land here is horrible for farming! How am i supposed to grow my crops!?
  • What would you change
  • so warm now that I have more layers on!
  • Perfect land for farming now that we have moved!
  • The reason for their settlement was to expand England's territory, search for riches and start new lives and was located in present-day North Carolina
  • The hardships that they had were when they first settled in 1585 and the land was horrible for farming and in addition to this they also survived a hungry long winter and almost half the people died. Also, the only people who travel are the business men,
  • I would find a way to grow crops or if there was no way we could grow crops I would move places and make clothes from animals so it would not as cold as it was when it was winter and make their life better and stock up one food so they would not starve.