Psyche and Eros
Updated: 5/4/2020
Psyche and Eros
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Psyche was alone. When she was whisked away to a magical palace to wed a stranger, her life becomes a struggle when she lights a candle in the middle of the night... part 1

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  • Just let me die.
  • Is there anything we can do, my child?
  • AHHH!
  • Hello, your highness. I am Zephyr, and I shall take you to my master's palace.
  • Holy Zeus! This place is incredible!
  • Greetings, Mistress. Dinner is waiting for you in the dining hall. Tonight, go to the largest bedroom and you shall meet your husband.
  • Psyche was a princess. She was more beautiful than any mortal and was worshipped as a goddess. Though she was beautiful, men were driven away, for they though Phyche could never love them, so Psyche was alone. She then attracted the wrath of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, who decided she had to go.
  • Of course, husband. I will be careful.
  • Psyche's father consulted an Oracle and was told to dress Psyche for her wedding as they would for her funeral, for she was to wed a beast even the gods feared. When the day came, Psyche went to a rock spire and was whisked away by the west wind.
  • Foolish Psyche! Don't you see what you have done? Now my mother, Aphrodite, will surely kill you, and I can do nothing to prevent it!
  • Psyche is brought to her husband's palace, where invisible servants wait upon her every need. The palace was splended, filled with rubies and diamonds and emeralds in a single closet. It had everything Psyche ever desired.
  • No! Eros, come back! We can still make this work! Please... please come back...
  • Good bye, Psyche.
  • That night, Psyche met her husband. He was kind and gentle. He warned her never to look at him, or Aphrodite would find them. Psyche fell in love with him and was soon pregnant with their child.
  • I love you, but you can never look at me. Otherwise, we could never be together, for a certain goddess wishes you ill.
  • Psyche gets worried. She fears that her husband is a dragon and is going to eat her, so one night while her husband was asleep, she lit a candle and saw his true form. She realized it was the god Eros, and accidently dropped hot oil on his shoulder, waking him up.
  • *gasp* Lord Eros!
  • Eros, the god of love, was disappointed in his wife. He said that they were over and flew off while Psyche called after him. As he left, the palace behind him disintegrated into dust, leaving Psyche heartbroken, pregnant, and alone.
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