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Psyche and Eros
Updated: 5/22/2020
Psyche and Eros
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  • Drowning yourself is never an answer! Talk to Eros, god of love! He can help you out!
  • Y-your right. I need to find Eros. He is the only one that can help me.
  • I certainly do NOT recognize YOU as my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW! Prove you are a good housewife by bringing me beauty cream from Persephone!
  • Dear mother-in-law, I would like your blessing to have my husband back.
  • Oh Queen Persephone, Aphrodite requests some of your beauty cream, and sent me to fetch it. If I do not return with it, I will die.
  • Of course, child. Remember, this is ONLY for Aphrodite. Do NOT open it.
  • Psyche was so distraught, she tried to drown herself. A satyr named Pan saw her and told her that if she is having love problems, talk to the god of love! Psyche then decides to find Aphrodite, Eros's mother and the goddess of love.
  • NO! Oh dearest Psyche, what have you done?
  • Aphrodite is enraged that Psyche wants to marry her son. She sends her on a journey to the underworld to get beauty cream from Persephone to prove she is a good housewife.
  • Will do, Eros.
  • Yeah, I agree, boss!
  • But-
  • Psyche dresses in rags and visits the underworld where Persephone, Queen of the Dead rules. Psyche requests beauty cream and Persephone gives her a box for Aphrodite, and warns her not to open it.
  • My love! My wife for eternity!
  • Eros! My love for you is stronger than death, and I believe this proves it.
  • I now pronounce you, married!
  • hmph
  • Psyche thinks that Eros will not love her anymore because she looks awful, so she opens the box. It turns out it contains a curse that will put mortals in deep sleep. As Psyche began to die, Eros arrived and took her to Mt. Olympus, home of the gods.
  • Eros asks King Zeus if he could make Psyche a goddess. He agrees and casts a spell on her. When Psyche awakes, she has butterfly wings and is the goddess of the human spirit.
  • Zeus! My wife is dying. Please, make her a goddess.
  • Eros and Psyche get married by Zeus and Psyche has her child, a healthy girl named Hedone, who is the goddess of pleasure. In the end, Psyche and Eros lived happily ever after.
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