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Twin Trauma 3
Updated: 3/17/2019
Twin Trauma 3
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Storyboard Text

  •  Sharon enters Stella's cell. Stella forces Sharon to switch places with her so she can go and live the life she never had whilst Sharon finds out what it’s like to be stuck in a cell.
  • Stella arrives back at the family home and sees all of the family pictures on the wall. This is the final breaking point for Stella which causes her to commit the most gruesome acts of hatred further on in the show.
  • Sharon manages to break free from the asylum and attempts to run back to the house in order to warn the family but the nurses discover she has escaped and go on a hunt to find her. 
  • A non-diegetic soundtrack is used in this scene. A close up shot is used on her face and then the camera pans over to the lock on the door to show that she is trapped in there. 
  • Stella sneaks up behind her mother and hits her over the head with a hammer which results in instant death.
  • A long shot is used in this scene to show all the pictures on the wall.
  • Sharon finally escapes the nurses and arrives at a clearing where she sees that her boyfriend Rory has just been shot by Stella.
  • The diegetic sound of alarms can be heard as well as the sound of footsteps and people shouting can be heard.
  • Stella runs off thinking she won't be caught but then Sharon appears behind her and hits her over the head with a crowbar.
  • A point of view shot is used in this scene from Stella's view. 
  • A long shot is used in this scene to show viewers everything that is happening during the scene. An extreme close up is also used on Sharon's eyes.
  • A non diegetic soundtrack is used in this scene which has a very high pitch and is very jumpy in order to make the viewers feel tense about what is happening and if someone is going to see what has happened.
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