GLE Culminating
Updated: 1/23/2020
GLE Culminating
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  • Once Upon A TimeIn a faraway land their lived a royal family, with a daughter.
  • Hello Mother! Hello Father! Why have you called me?
  • We have called you, to tell you, that the great wizard is coming today to visit.
  • Oh Yay! I haven't seen him in so long. I will go get ready and wait for him to arrive
  • A few hours later
  • We would've never known about our daughter's learning difference if you had never told us.
  • An IEP focusses on your child strengths and weaknesses. It is a running document that is reassessed from time to time. It is changed when there is something she doesn't need anymore.
  • Just remember princess that just because you have a learning difference that can make it harder to do tasks, especially ones that require reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Doesn't mean she should give up because it can always get better.
  • The wizard has given us more information about your IEP. On your IEP it has many different strengths, including measurable goals and non-academic goals
  • It also tells us how we can help you reach your academic potential. For example what environments you work best in. 
  • What else does it say?
  • Early next morning
  • After many weeks had gone by. The village folk started hearing rumours that the princess had a learning difference. Since they weren't properly educated on this subject, they made fun.
  • Have you heard that princess has a learning difference? A friend of mine was saying that this means she isn't any good at reading, writing and arithmetic.
  • The King and Queen must be so embarrassed
  • You will take this message written by us on behalf of our daughter. Make it so as many people can hear and help advocate for her.
  • The King and Queen felt that this wasn't right. So they decided to have a crier make an announcement and explain to the town folk what a learning difference is.
  • Yes your majesty.
  • A few hours later
  • 4. Yes, lets get rid of the stigma by supporting people with learning differences and help change other people's mind about it too.
  • 2. How can we help?
  • 3. Instead of spreading rumours that aren't true. You can instead help advocate for people like our princess. When you hear someone say something untrue about learning differences you can politely correct them.
  • 1. Hear ye! hear ye! The King and Queen would like each and everyone of you to know that the princess indeed has a learning difference. They would like to let you know that it is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • The End.
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