Zeus, Helious, and Phaethon
Updated: 2/14/2020
Zeus, Helious, and Phaethon

Storyboard Text

  • Every day Helios would bring up the sun with his golden chariot.
  • Helios was very boast full and so was his son Phaethon.
  • You're the best!
  • NO you're the best!
  • Phaethon was bragging to his friends about the chariot and they did not believe him. In return he begged his father to let him drive the chariot.
  • Please let me pull the Sun. PLEASE!
  • Okay
  • This is a great idea!
  • Phaethon was not good at driving the chariot and he dried up lakes and rivers by flying to low.
  • Zeus saw Phaethon Crash and got angry at Helios for letting him drive the chariot.
  • Is that Phaethon?Helious is in big trouble!
  • Zeus punished Helios for his bad judgement and turned his daughters into trees that they say you can still here crying today. Phaethon was never found/ seen again.
  • Im sorry
  • You let him drive the chariot and he dried up the rivers and lakes.And now hes missing!
  • Not good enough from now on your daughters are trees that stand near the river he dried up.