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Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • #1 Overproudcation
  • #2 Variation
  • #3 Environment
  • when overproducation occurs it isnt good because there isnt enough resources for all of the mice to stay away from prey.
  • #4 Struggle
  • When variation occurs many mice are different colors and some can stand out more than others, making it easier for prey to find them.
  • #5 Selection
  • Mice when it comes to varitation they have to learn how to fit in to their differance and th strengths and abilities.
  • #6 Differential Reproduction
  • Their struggle is trying to hide away from prey and to learn to have to change in the environement.
  • Depending on the color and how the mice reproudce, the mice will have a better change at survival with the resource that are around.
  • When mice live on to preoduce, they reproudce genes that are more will have the stronger trait and this good be good or bad epending on the trait.
  • WHY ME!!!!!!