All Summer In A Day - Olivia Lilly
Updated: 5/31/2020
All Summer In A Day - Olivia Lilly
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  • The children grew anxious as the rain began to slow. For the first time in 7 years the sun would show. Margot sat by herself as the others were cruel to her because she remembered the sun and they didn't.
  • Let's play hide and seek!! We only have 2 hours!!
  • I'm so ready!
  • It'll feel so warm!
  • They don't know the sun or earth like I do. They only know rain and coldness...
  • William started to shoved Margot believing all that she said about the sun was a lie. The other children refused to believe her and agreed to lock her in a closet.
  • Let's put her in the closet!
  • She's lying!
  • It's like a fire in the stove..
  • Margot is such a liar, she's never seen the sun
  • They threw Margot in the closet ignoring her cries to be let out and the door trembling from her beating it. They went back to the door that would lead them outside to see the sun right as their teacher got back.
  • LET ME OUT!!!
  • Hahahaha! She deserves it
  • Their teacher reminded them not to go far as they only had 2 hours before the rain would reappear. They had never felt so alive running, laughing, and playing under the blue sky.
  • It is like a lemon!
  • So much better than sunlamps!!
  • Once the rain picked up, their happiness faded. They realized quickly they had left Margot locked in the closet and were beyond ashamed of doing so, realizing she never lied.
  • Oh no, we forgot about her...
  • Margot! We left her in the closet....
  • They plodded their way down the hallway to the closet door where they heard nothing but the rain and thunder outside. They ever so slowly unlocked the door and let Margot out.
  • ...........
  • ...........
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