Updated: 5/11/2020

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  • Jason's father brought Jason as a baby to Chirons cave and asked the centaur to raise Jason so he would be protected from his uncle Pelias, who's kingdom was overrun with murder hornets and COVID-19.
  • After training him in manly sports to increase his lung capacity and ability to fight murder hornets, Chiron decided that Jason could go into the world to visit his uncle.
  • Jason caught Hera's eye and Hera transformed into an old woman and asked Jason to carry her across the river. She became heavier as Jason carried her through the river and he lost one of his sandals. When he reached the other side she agreed to help him make it to see his uncle
  • When Jason arrived in Iolcus, his uncles kingdom, his uncle recognized him from an oracle that said a man with one sandal would kill him with COVID and take his throne.
  • Polias told Jason that he could not come back without and N95 mask. Polias knew that the only N95 mask was in the Kingdom of Colchis and Jason would not come back alive.
  • So Jason got on ebay and bought a mask because they definitely had ebay back then. The only N95 mask that he could find was in the Kingdom of Colchis, so Jason was going to have to go on a long and dangerous journey.