jason pt 3

Updated: 5/12/2020
jason pt 3

Storyboard Text

  • It was impossible to plow the field and plant the dragon teeth without getting burned up by the bulls so Hera encouraged Aphrodite to cause Medea the sorceress to fall in love with him. Medea was shot with an arrow by Eros and fell in love with Jason. She created a magic hazmath suit that protected him from the flames, lay the dragon teeth and watch all the warriors fight over a bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • The king Aeetes was not going to let Jason have the ebay N95 mask even though he promised. Medea told Jason about this and gave him a potion to make the sleepless dragon sleep, which turned out to be a giant murder hornet. Fortunately the potion still worked and Jason was able to sneak past the hornet.
  • Jason and Medea took the N95 and fled to the Argo. When the king found out that he took the mask without paying for it. He sent out a ship after him to get the money. When the Argo and the kings ship battled, Medea and Jason both got COVID-19 and Zeus would not let them go back to Iolcus without self quarantining for 2 weeks.
  • Circe is Medea's aunt and she let them quarantine in one of her caves, even though she was pretty annoyed by their surprise arrival and she did not have any masks on hand. After two weeks she told Zeus that the two can finish their journey.
  • Hera helped the Argonauts past Scylla and Charybdis. When the crew reached Iolocus Jason was still a carrier of COVID and gave it to the king, who died. It was Jasons turn to take the throne and he forgot that he was supposed to marry the princess. He asked Medea to go back to where she came from.
  • Hera was very angry with Jason so she gave him COVID permanently and he had to be socially isolated forever, until one day he took a walk to the Argo and a piece fell on him and he died.