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Erosion& Depositon Comic Strip
Updated: 3/11/2020
Erosion& Depositon Comic Strip
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  • last week I got 6 volunteers who painted a picture of 2 example of Erosion and Deposition. and will be explaining each one, to us today.
  • Hi,Today I will be sharing.I drew a glacier.A glacier is any large mass of ice.And next to it a beach which is an area of wave washed sediment
  • I painted stalacite which is an icicle that hangs from the ceiling of a cave.I also painted rills.Which are tiny groves in the soil in moving water.
  • I painted a Moraine.Which is a ridge formed by the till deposited at the very edge of a glacier.I have also painted beside it a Headland .Which is a part of the shore the sticks into the water.
  • As you can see here..I painted a Stream. Which is a channel along which water is always moving down a slop.I also have painted a runoff.Which is water that moves over earths surface
  • My paintings are of Ice ages ice ages are when glaciers cover large parts of earths surface.Another I did was Plucking which is when a glacier picks up rocks as it flows over the land
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