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Othello Act I, Scene I
Updated: 11/17/2020
Othello Act I, Scene I
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  • All this time, I thought you were a good friend, yet you spend my money as if it's all yours!
  • I could never dream of that happening! If you really think it's me, you can go ahead and hate me.
  • You know, this guy, Cassio, a wife, yet he can't even control her! I doubt he's ever commanded men into battle, but he's been chosen over me while I end up as the Moor's flag-bearer
  • My God, I'd rather be his executioner.
  • Ha! Othello would be lucky if he could pull this off!
  • It's fine because I may seem to love and obey him, but in fact, I'm only serving him to get what I want. I'm not who I appear to be.
  • Let's wake Desdemona's father and spread rumors about him in the streets.
  • Here's her father's house. I'll call him out.
  • Hey, Brabantio! Signor Brabantio, hey!
  • What’s the reason for this horrible shouting? What’s the matter?
  • You’ve been robbed! Get dressed. Your heart’s going to break. It’s like half your soul’s been ripped out. If you wait too long you’ll have black grandchildren!
  • My God, sir, you’re stubborn and suspicious. We come here to help you and you treat us like thugs, but you let an African horse climb all over your daughter.
  • If you didn’t allow your daughter to do what she’s doing, then she’s rebelling against you. She’s throwing her life away on some stranger. Go ahead, see for yourself if she’s in her bedroom. If she is, you can sue me for lying to you
  • Light the candles! Wake up my whole household! I dreamt about this. I’m starting to worry it’s true.
  • Lead the way. I’ll stop at every house. Get your weapons! Let’s go, Roderigo. I’ll pay you for this.
  • It’s true. She’s gone. The rest of my life will be nothing but bitterness. Now, Roderigo, where did you see her? You say you saw her with the Moor?
  • It must have been some sort of magic that has lead her astray! My own daughter rebelling against me! Call my brother, oh how I wished you had married her! Do you know where we can find her and the Moor?
  • I think I can find him. Get together a group of armed men and follow me.
  • Yes, I really think so.
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