OE's with Landon Perry and Friends
Updated: 2/9/2021
OE's with Landon Perry and Friends

Storyboard Text

  • Gosh I'm so excited! But I cant figure out why.
  • It's probably because you have the Emotional OE.
  • So Landon Perry what is it like having the intellectual over excited abilaty?
  • well it's kind of hard because it is kinda hard to find out what you like and find intresting.
  • CiCi what's your favorite part of nature?
  • I like how it keeps me calm because with the emotional OE it's hard to stay calm through out the day.
  • Landon Perry how did you know you want to be an astronaut
  • Well since I have the intellectual over excited ability I found that I really like astronomy!
  • I lost! I'm so sad.
  • Well I came in second to last place
  • Guys calm down y'all just have the emotional OE.