Berlin Blockade
Updated: 4/30/2020
Berlin Blockade

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  • Potsdam Conference
  • Trizonia
  • Oh no, The westerners are trying to gang up on the Soviet Union because they hate communism
  • Berlin Blockade
  • Entry to Berlin: now Forbidden
  • The grand alliance(and France) agreed to divide Germany, and its capital, Berlin, into four separate zones. The division was meant to be temporary but ended up lasting for many years. There were soldiers on the streets and in Berlin, with checkpoints to cross from one side to another
  • Berlin Airlift
  • In March 1947 the US, the UK and France agreed to merge their land as they were already working together, they called this land 'Trizonia'. They created a currency (deutschmark) for Trizonia to make it more economically stable. This angered Stalin he though this was an act of 'ganging up' on the USSR and the communist regime.
  • Stalin Is Defeated
  • As Berlin was in the Soviet's part, that the western zones were vulnerable. In June 1948, Stalin shut off the land routes into Berlin (Berlin Blockade). He wanted to show that a divided Germany wouldn't work. The main section of trizonia could no longer communicate with trizonian berlin and the people of Berlin would run out of food.
  • Evaluation
  • Trizonia need to find a way to get supplies to Berlin, Truman decided to try and fly supplies into Berlin. Stalin had no choice but to not shoot them down as he knew this would start a war with the US. This lasted for 10 months.
  • On 9th May 1949, 11 months later, the Soviets gave in and lifted the blockade. The airlift had worked. There were no allied casualties, military or civilian. West Berlin had survived. Stalin's attempt to win a propaganda victory over Britain, France and the USA had failed.
  • Overall, Stalin's actions increased the likelihood of a real war breaking out. Although no war came from this as the US found a way around it. This event caused NATO to be set up and increased hostility between East and West
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