Chapter 5
Updated: 2/7/2020
Chapter 5

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  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
  • Scene 1: The Exchange
  • Scene 2: Old Joe Shop
  • The Ghost of Yet to Come was silent and wearing black. He only pointed to Scrooge and did not speak a word. He symbolizes fear and death.
  • Scene 3: Scrooge's Bedroom
  • The three fat men were talking about Scrooge's death and did not care about his death. They said that the funeral would be cheap and empty just like Scrooge.
  • Scene 4: Tiny Tim's Bedroom
  • The maid and housekeeper stole Scrooge's things justifying their wrong actions saying that he was mean to them when he was alive. (Deformation of values)
  • Scene 5: Graveyard
  • Scrooge's room was gloomy. There was a cold, rigid dead body on the bed with no one around.
  • Tiny Tim's room was bright and Bob Cratchit was there crying over the loss of his precious son.
  • Scrooge saw his name written on the gravestone which made him regret all his previous actions. He felt regretful and wanted to change to avoid having a terrible destiny.