math is the answer
Updated: 2/5/2020
math  is the answer
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  • We could do it of course!
  • Dad, we wanted to construct a pool in the backyard.
  • Our tubes are under 3 bundles of mud, and we shouldn't hit them. Each bundle is 15 in. What's our pool limit?
  • 3(-15)= -40 in. underground. let's go up 5 in. so the tubes are safe. So it's -35 in. underground.
  • I dug today 15 in. How many inches are remaining?
  • 35-15= 20 in. left to dig.
  • So it'll be finished by 5 days (1 day for filling water).
  • If I'll dig 5 in. everyday, how many days will it take to finish digging?
  • 20÷5= 4 days.
  • 5 days later
  • Thanks dad!!!!
  • MATH IS THE ANSWER. Without math we would've not made a new house or a yard sale. Without math we wouldn't help the man or bought furniture. Without math there was gonna be no birthday or a pool.
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