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Outsiders StoryBoard
Updated: 10/14/2019
Outsiders StoryBoard
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  • *gasp*
  • Yeah, you know that Socs... um Cherry, the red head.
  • Dally I just can't just hide any more. Its too much for me. I think it's best if I just turn myself in.
  • I can't have that happen to you!
  • Dally told Ponyboy and Johnny at the Dairy Queen that, Cherry went to the lot with all the Greasers and agreed to them that she will be a spy. The only reason was because she felt the situation was all her fault and the whole thing was just self defense.
  • Dally and Johnny talked in the car about the whole situation and Johnny came up to a concluson that he will turn himself in because he doesnt want to hide away anymore. He figured that the whole situation was self defense and nothing bad will happen.
  • Dally and Johnny started to argue, until Dally says in a high pitched and worry some tone, that he doesn't want Johnny to go to jail and have what he went through have to him. This may be because Dally knows that if Johnny goes to jail, Johnny will be messed up and tramatized for the rest of his life.
  • I don't want to loose you like I lost mom and dad...
  • Johnny, Dally and Ponyboy pull up to the church to hear loud chanting to realize that the church is on fire! Without second thought, Ponyboy and Johnny run into the fire and save as many kids as they can. Though they have no memory of what happened after that.
  • Ponyboy wake up in an ambulance startled and becomes nervous to think he is introuble. Though that was not the case, until Ponyboy asks about Johnny to the man to hear that Johnnny has been severly injured when a wood plank crash on his back in the fire. Once Ponyboy heard this horrible new he was unfathomable to speak anymore because he emotions controlled him.
  • Ponyboy saw Sodapop and Darry at the hospital though, Ponyboy was still mad at Darry. Until Darry began to cry, which is something that never happens. This proved to Ponyboy that Darry loves him and doesn't want Ponyboy to live and now Ponyboy is here to stay.
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