Ecology Project
Updated: 4/1/2020
Ecology Project
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  • I have a question Mr. Jones, what is an example of a food chain?
  • Well, Cody...
  • Imagine an ecosystem, such as a pond.
  • That pond is home to both biotic and abiotic factors, or living and non living things...
  • ...Such as frogs and sunlight.
  • Plants convert that sunlight into energy using photosynthesis...
  • and that frog eats a grasshopper. The frog then becomes a secondary consumer.
  • That frog only gets 100 kcals from the 1,000 that grasshopper had because some of it was lost to heat
  • Now lets say that frog is eaten by a snake, which are carnivores and only eat meat...
  • That snake only gets 10 kcals from the frog because even more was lost to heat
  • ...and that snake is then eaten by an eagle, which is a generalist, who eats a variety of foods.
  • Now that eagle is only left with 1 kcal.
  • Wow! Thanks Mr. Jones, you just made ecology so much easier!
  • Now that Cody, is an example of a food chain.
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