Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In his dead HENRY VII reflect about her regin and her 6 wifw
  • Ana was arrested for a fake infelidity and Henry marry Jane Samour
  • And you only have an other doughter so I don't want you anymore
  • Her first wife was the spanish princes Catalina of Aragón
  • Our son was dead
  • ISABEL: I didn't have any brother
  • Then he marry Ana
  • I'm loosing my interest to you
  • In only have a doughter so Henry is going to kill me
  • Those things occur whit us too
  • Because we only have doughters and Henry want a soon
  • So, he kill us,we died or we get divorced
  • These is the plot of Henry and his 6 wife's