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Context Scenario
Updated: 3/19/2020
Context Scenario
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  • Apartment, 1 Week Later @ 9:10am. Robert came upon our solution/application
  • Oh neat, a cool application that I can use to find a new occupation in the Computer Science field! This would allow me to find a solution to my problem!
  • Ok, I'm going to create my account. It looks I can enter a lot of information to define my profile
  • Apartment, Same Day @ 9:30am. Robert is on the home page reading the "How it Works" section of the web page.
  • Interesting!
  •, availability, income ranges, job location, job industry, job role, skills required....
  • Apartment, Same Day @ 10:00am. Robert decides to create a user profile and is asked to chose from a variety of predefined filters.
  • Wow, look at all these filter categories to choose from! I'll apply the filters I find useful....
  • There's a lot of opportunities here! It looks like quite a few have a high match score. I'll apply to as many as I can!
  • Apartment, Same Day @ 11:30am. Robert is presented with a results page.
  • Apartment, 2 weeks later @ 12:00pm. Robert is receives two emails. One for a potential internship and the other, a research opportunity.
  • Both of these opportunities sound great, so i'll apply to them both!
  • This research job has allowed me to keep my current job which relieves me of income or job security concerns! Hooray!
  • OU Lab, 1 month later after interviewing with both employers @ 12:01pm. Robert is now happily working at the OU research lab and is no longer concerned about financial stability
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